Flug loves Frozenbanana

Flug suitcase by Friederike Fankhänel

Flug suitcase by Friederike Fankhänel

"Sometimes you see a logo and just one foto of a project and you literally love it from the first glimpse. Exactly this is what happened to us when we stumbled upon the Facebook page of Flug, a tiny pop-up store that is located in the pretty red suitcase of Thais Caramico. The Brazilian journalist and expert for kid’s publications (she holds a MA in Children’s Books and Literature) is now based in Berlin and turned her personal collection of self-published and small press zines, books, comics, prints and artworks into a curated shop for all ages. Among her finest selection are some of Frozenbanana’s favorite zines, too".

We are proud to be featured on Frozenbanana =)

Thank you, Friederike!

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